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Argentine Tango dance school, Stirling & Glasgow - Scotland

YirajeTango focuses on Argentinean tango dance in Scotland, and its cultural practice in the UK and Europe. We are a tango dance school based in Stirling, and we teach tango dance classes in Glasgow. We work intensively with Tango in the cities and the regions of Scotland. Our work bridges the local communities through tango dance and art related activities.

YirajeTango was founded by Ariel Sánchez, born and trained in Buenos Aires, and raised in Cordoba. His father was a popular tango singer and he was introduced to his first milonga when he was a few months old. He has been breathing and dancing tango with some of the most famous maestros for more than 20 years.

YirajeTango introduces you to beauty and complexity of tango dance by showing you that you can play while learning all the technical and cultural insights of the tango dance. We will guide you all the way through until you fully unlock a universe of amazing feelings and fulfil your dance potential. We do this in every single session. Your learning experience and confidence will grow steadily through the diverse classes, workshops, and social events that we organise. YirajeTango contributes to the current tango cultural practices in Scotland by integrating the local Scottish communities through tango, dance and art. We base our approach on ideology that "Tango is for everyone, it is about community and feelings, that is why people love tango. It is an eternal and transcendental circle of love". 

What do we do?

Dance Classes                     

Closed group & private lessons and drop-in classes. Taster sessions. Training for all dance levels (from beginners to advanced, and tango dance teachers). Thematic workshops. Visit our classes section for more details.  

Social events: 

Guided practicas & milongas. Ideal environment to dance, relax, meet people from different backgrounds. Please see Yiraje-Social for more details.

Professional services:

Performances. Cultural events directive. Tango choreography. Wedding dance lessons and performances. Community engagement. Tango DJ. Translations. Please contact us for more details.

And much more than tango... 

During our classes and workshops, we introduce you to history, sociology & politics of tango as well as tango & communication. We explore and analyse lyrics & Lunfardo culture, essential to understanding tango music and dance improvisation. 

Beginners welcome! 

You do not need any dancing experience or partner to join us. Your dance identity is well protected from day one. We will guide you and help you to unlock your tango dance potential and enjoy learning something completely new. We help students to build their tango on their daily walk style and previous dance or sport experience (e.g. yoga, contemporary dance, martial arts). We will work with you to develop your unique style. With our method you will be able to dance tango in Stirling, UK, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Continental Europe, and any other place in the world, where people meet to dance tango. We offer an 8 weeks introductory course, and a full social dance integration if you continue 10 weeks. 

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